For TSUBAME1 Users

TSUBAME1 was replaced with a much improved second generation, TSUBAME2, in Fall 2010. Now that the related services with TSUBAME1 were discontinued, we've been quickly moving to new TSUBAME2-based services, which would significantly shorten time to completion of many of your TSUBAME1 applications with minor effort. 

For your data and account on TSUBAME1 and other changes in the new service policies, please read on.

Your data on TSUBAME1

Because of many changes that span across the whole system components, your old data is plaeced on separate temporary storage systems from TSUBAME2, which is accessible once you login to TSUBAME2. See this page on how to copy your old data to TSUBAME2:Data Migration form TSUBAME1 to TSUBAME2

All data on TSUBAME1 were deleted in the end of 2012.

Your account

Your TSUBAME1 account is not effective on TSUBAME2, and you need to sign up again for TSUBAME2 even if you are a TSUBAME1 user. This may not sound quite good, but we upgraded the account management system too with TSUBAME2, and now everything can be done online (except a few exceptions) and you can simply sign up at the TSUBAME portal website. Your TSUBAME2 account is associated with your Tokyo Tech ID card, and as such its expiration date is the same as your ID card and yearly account renewal is not necessary now.

See here for how to sign up for TSUBAME2 accounts and related services: Getting Accounts

TSUBAME group (previously known as Kakin group)

In addition to the above improvements with the account management, working with collaborators will be much easier than before with newly introduced "TSUBAME group" feature. The TSUBAME group is similar to the Kakin group available before, but is much easier and simpler to create and manage, requiring no paperwork, and provides more functionalities such as group-shared storage services for helping group-wide collaboration.

Note that your TSUBAME1 Kakin groups for the SLA and BES services are not available anymore, and you need to create a new TSUBAME group to use the non-free services with TSUBAME2. See here for more details on how to use the non-free services: Using Fee-based Services

New login policy

As before, you can login to TSUBAME2 with Secure Shell (SSH). However, when you access the machine from outside the university network, it is required to use a more secure authentication, called public key authentication (also called key-based authentication). It is supported in standard SSH clients such as OpenSSH and Putty, so all you need to do is just to setup your authentication key just once with your PC. Note that this is not necessary when accessing TSUBAME2 inside the university network and you can use your password to login as before.

This policy change is needed to protect the machine from malicious attacks that we have been observing continuously. We appreciate your understanding for providing our services to the users. See here for more details: Logging in to TSUBAME2

No FTP service

Again, for security reasons, TSUBAME2 is not accessible with FTP. Instead, please use alternative methods such as scp and sftp. Popular client software supporting these protocols include WinSCP for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac.