Getting Started

GSIC supports the computing requirements of the students and professors at Tokyo Tech as well as collaborative researchers outside the university. Commercial services are also available for Japanese citizens.


TSUBAME is the name of the supercomputers operated at GSIC, Tokyo Tech. Currently, we are providing the production services with the second generation of TSUBAME, called TSUBAME2.0, whose peak performance reaches 2.4PFlops by aggressively exploiting the better performance per watt. This is the first peta-flops machine in Japan, and its world ranking will be announced at the ACM/IEEE Supercomputing 2010 later this month.

TSUBAME2.0 significantly improves the compute performance as well as the storage capacity. For more details, see the TSUBAME2 system architecture page.

How to use the machine

TSUBAME can be used by anyone who are affiliated with Tokyo Tech. Those who are not can still use the machine through various outside collaboration programs. In either case, getting your account is the first step to get started. See here for more information on the TSUBAME account. See the account page. Read also the usage page for how to use the machine.

Getting support

GSIC provides consulting services for the users on the usage of our services. Contact us from this page. There are also tutorial workshops on the usage of Linux, commercial applications, GPUs, etc., though most of them are currently only in Japanese. The information of the tutorial sessions can be found at here.