Regarding TSUBAME operation in 2017 (TSUBAME3.0)

To all TSUBAME users.

Global Scientific Information and Computing Center

4 April 2017

【Regarding TSUBAME operation in 2017】

The following information is subject to change.


We will start a new supercomputer TSUBAME3.0 in August 2017.

2. Data transfer

All data on TSUBAME2.5 will be lost in the end of October.
Between August and October, you have to transfer your needed data from TSUBAME2.5
to TSUBAME3.0 or to your own storage devices.
You cannot access your data on TSUBAME2.5 on and after 1 November 2017.

It is possible that storage performance in TSUBAME2.5 gets worse in October. 
Because we think many users try to transfer data just before the end of TSUBAME2.5.

3. TSUBAME3.0 account 

TSUBAME3.0 is indepedent of TSUBAME2.5. 
Therefore you need to create your new account for TSUBAME3.0.

4. TSUBAME point

Points of TSUBAME2.5 is unavailable on TSUBAME3.0.
Be careful not to purchase too many points of TSUBAME2.5.

To be exact, points will not be handed over from TSUBAME2.5 to TSUBAME3.0 in TSUBAME groups
which don't have an asterisk in this table.


We wil provide approximately 240 nodes as S queue in TSUBAME2.5 between August and October.

7. Software distribution

We have distributed some software under the contract of TSUBAME2.5.
With the shift from TSUBAME2.5 to TSUBAME3.0, We are planning to change software, a way of 
distribution and lisence servers.

8. PC rooms in GSIC, South 4 building and S3 building

PCs in the rooms are dependent on TSUBAME2.5.
Users have to transfer data from the PCs to TSUBAME3.0 or to their own storage devices.

9. Schedule

4 Apr 2017: TSUBAME2.5 start. (the number of nodes is approximately 1260.)

26 Jul 2017: TSUBAME2.5 suspend.

1 Aug 2017: TSUBAME3.0 start.
1 Aug 2017: TSUBAME2.5 start. (the number of nodes is approximately 240.)

30 Oct 2017: TSUBAME2.5 end. (all data on TSUBAME2.5 will be lost.)