Application software after TSUBAME3.0 starts



【Application software after TSUBAME3.0 starts】

Some application software and license will be changed because we will start a new supercomputer TSUBAME3.0 on 1 August 2017.

the number of license

Application Software the number of license in T2 till 31 July the number of license in T3 after 1 August T2 after 1 August *1 Change configuration to run software on T2
ANSYS 75(Mechanical&CFD)
50(Mechanical&CFD, Electronics Suite)

$ export ANSYSLI_SERVERS=2325@
$ export ANSYSLI_PORT=27101@

ABAQUS 80(+80 in busiest period) 50  
ABAQUS CAE 10 10  
MSC Nastran/Patran 10 5

export MSC_LICENSE_FILE=27004@lice0

Gaussian unlimited unlimited  
Gauss View unlimited unlimited  
Linda  unlimited unlimited  
AMBER unlimited unlimited  
Materials Studio 40(+40 in busiest perion) 20 export LM_LICENSE_FILE=27005@${LM_LICENSE_FILE}
Discovery Studio 20 ×  
Mathematica unlimited unlimited  
Maple 1 1 export LM_LICENSE_FILE=27007@${LM_LICENSE_FILE}
AVS/Express 20 25  
AVS/Express PCE 1 1  
LS-DYNA 16 16 export LSTC_LICENSE_SERVER=27008@
COMSOL Multiphysics 0 2 ×  
Schrodinger Small-Molecule Drug Discovery Suite 0 2 ×  
MATLAB unlimited unlimited  
Intel Compiler(Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition) 5 5 export INTEL_LICENSE_FILE=27011@
PGI Compiler 5 5 export LM_LICENSE_FILE=27012@${LM_LICENSE_FILE}

*1 ○… available,  △… license server settings are required to change,  ×… unavailable

  • On and after 1 August, the number of licenses in TSUBAME2.5 could be reduced when licenses in TSUBAME3.0 run out.

Software Distribution

About software listed in "Software Distribution".

  • On and after 1 August, the software are unavailable because we renew license servers for a new supercomputer except for Gassian, GaussView and Mathematica activated by faculty members.
  • If you use the software, you need to change license server settings on your PC. The way of changing will be informed as soon as possible.
  • Based on the benefit principle that the beneficiaries share the cost, we consider to charge users a fee in the future.

  (added on 1 Aug) For the way of changing configuration, see here.