Peak-shift in summer 2017

(To TSUBAME users)

Global Scientific Infromation and Computing Center
29 June 2017

【Peak-shift in summer 2017】

Power Coservation Section in Tokyo Tech requested us to cut electric power consumption.

According to that, we  are planning to reduce the number of running nodes. But the details are under cosideration.

【Power Coservation Section】


(added at 12:10 6/29) We temporarily stopped reservation queue of July.

(added at 12:10 6/30) We stopped assigning jobs to nodes in G/U/V queue.

(added at 14:55 6/30) The detail of Peak-shift is here.

(added at 11:40 7/15) We turned off more nodes than we scheduled, since we didn't fulfill the request from Power Conservation Section.

  • S queue: addtional 100 nodes (the number of S nodes is 200.)
  • G queue: addtional 100 nodes (the number of G nodes is 180.)
  • U/V queue: addtional 100 nodes (U/V queue is virtual machine on G node.)