Announce for service enhancements

Notice of Service Enhancements

Beginning on 10:00 am Jan 17, the following service enhancements will be

(1) The new X queue, which makes use of free nodes from the H queue, will be live.
(2) 50 nodes have been temporarily added to the S queue to cope with increased demand
(3) The memory limitation for interactive nodes has been set to 6GB
(4) CUDA 3.2 is now available for the H queue nodes

The above changes have the following affects:.

(1) Free nodes in the H queue are now more efficiently utilized by being
assigned to the X queue.
Certain jobs that are submitted to the S queue, will run on the X queue.
(*) All jobs except array jobs that finish before 8:00 am tomorrow.

Please note the following changes:

(a) t2stat displays these jobs are running on the S queue, even though
they are actually running on the X queue.

(b) Using the -f option with the job ID, the jobs on the H queue
nodes are shown as "queue = X" even though the S queue was specified.
This is normal.

(2) 50 nodes have been temporally added to the S queue, due to increased usage.
In TSUBAME 2.0, the number of nodes for the S, V and H queues may vary;
however the number of nodes will not decrease significantly.
(the number of nodes for the V and H queues were not affected by this change)
This reallocation is made possible by the full bisection networking on TSUBAME 2.0.

(3) The memory limitation for interactive nodes has been increased to make
debugging and compiling more efficient.
To apply the new configuration you need to re-login.

(4) CUDA 3.2 is now available for the H queue.
*the S queue is not yet ready for cuda 3.2, as the nodes must be
rebooted to install cuda 3.2.

To use cuda 3.2, please set the following environment variables:

For bash type shells
export PATH=/opt/cuda/3.2/bin:${PATH}
export MANPATH=/opt/cuda/3.2/man:${MANPATH}

For csh type shells
setenv PATH /opt/cuda/3.2/bin:${PATH}
setenv MANPATH /opt/cuda/3.2/man:${MANPATH}