Installing ChemBioOffice



How to get registration of old version for Mac. (April 8, 2016)

License has been renewed and extended to Mar 31, 2017. (Mar 18, 2016)
Site subscription has been updated to ChemOffice Professional 15. User cannot download older version. (Jan 4, 2016)

Version 15 has been released and will be released soon in Japan. (November 17, 2015)

Version 14 will be released soon. Please download as soon as possible if you want to use version 13. New users cannot use previous versions after switched to the new version. Users of previous versions can get an installer and serialsand of previous versions and use previous versions continually. (June 20, 2014)
Ver. 13.02 released(May 27, 2013)

If you have already installed ChemBioDraw or ChemBioOffice and you will be able to download the new version by the following procedure.
Please register an account refer to the installation guide if you don't have your account.
After available for download the latest version, you will not be able to download the previous version.


All students and staff of the university

Terminals that installation is admitted

  • Students' individual PCs
  • Lab PCs belonging to Tokyo institute of Technology 

 ChemBio can be installed on two PCs, but can be used only one process at the same time.

Expiring date

31 Mar. 2015


Installation guide

Download and Installation

The original installation guide(Perkinelmer)

1. Please access to Cambridge Software web site from following address.
2. Click "continue".
If you enter a non-registered e-mail address or do not have an account yet, you transferred to account registration page.
3. You can download the latest version.
After that, you can download version 13.0 from "My Site Subscription".
You can confirm a serial and an activation key of version 13.0 from My Downloads. You also can confirm the previous version if you have downloaded. 
4. Installation
Run the installer and start installation. The installer for Windows start installation after downloading software data. If download is not starting, please enter proxy settings into ”Option" or disable your anti-virus software (and your personal firewall software in particular).

http://www.hulinks.co.jp/support/chem/inst_v13_cbou.html (Win)
http://www.hulinks.co.jp/support/chem/inst_v13_cbdum.html (Mac) 


If you want to continue to use the old version for Mac

You cannnot use the resistration code of ChemDraw 15 for old version for Mac. If you want to continue to use old version, it is necessary to get new registration code. Send e-mail including the following content to Perkinelmer Customer Survice(informatics [dot] customer_service [at] perkinelmer [dot] com) from your "titech.ac.jp" address. 

-The exact product name and version that you are using:
 (ex. ChemDraw Ultra 14(Mac))

-Your current serial number:
 (ex. 12345678)

-The institution name for your site subscription:
 (ex. Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Put new registration code that you recieved from the customer survice with serial number.


Installing on a large number of terminals

If you want to install on a large number of terminals in student labs, practice room and other locations, please contact soudan [at] o [dot] cc [dot] titech [dot] ac [dot] jp (soudan [at] o [dot] cc [dot] titech [dot] ac [dot] jp ).



  • I would like to download again.
    • Please login Pekinelmer web site and choose "My Account >> Site Subscription >> Download Site Subscription Software". You can download again.


  • I already use my all license. I can’t install on new PCs.


  • I forget my serial number.
    • You can find a serial number from email. If you lost email, Please login Pekinelmer web site and choose "My Account >> My Download" from menu.


  • Download process has stopped and I can't install.
    • Please set proxy server and check network settings.  


  • Questions about other accounts. 
    • We don't have any user account information. Please contact Perkinelmer directly from your titech mail address.
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