Why can't I use the group disk (/work0 , /work1 , /data0) ? ("Disk quota exceeded")

The test run (試験運用) of the group disk service was begun in April 2011,
and the official operation (本運用) was begun in August 2011. 
/work0,work1,data0,data1 has restriction. Please refer to
4.6.7 Restriction for the storage. Moreover, it checks in order of the following. 
It may be the capacity shortage etc., when it is already used. 
 t2quota -g
Please confirm whether to use capacity that exceeds the disk quota. 

If the message "Disk quota exceeded" is shown even though the amount of the groupdisk seem to have enough margin,first, check the permission of the directory you use.
> cd /work0/t2g-hogehoge
> ls -l 
drwxr-sr-x 17 xxxxx  t2g-hogehoge   4096 2012-11-14 14:09 tokoutaro
Please be sure that the group's permission has "s". Otherwise, please add 's' by executing like following.
> chmod 2755 tokoutaro
Moreover, please set your TSUBAME group ID.
> newgrp  t2g-hogehoge
That's all. Now, let's try to create a file as follows.
> vi  hoge.txt
Please refer to P.29 of "A guide to UNIX as well.

when you have not selected use yet 
 Please operate it according to the following procedure after referring on.
1.The manager (or sub manager) of the group logs in the TSUBAME2 portal. 
2.Select the TSUBAME group management from a top menu. 
3.Select the pertinent group detail from the group list of the TSUBAME group management. 
4.Select Group Disk Option from detail. 
5.Please set disk size of the group disk and select "update group disk size".
The group disk setting of  this month is immediately reflected, and confirm it.
It becomes effective on the first of the month at the group disk setting of the future.