Using Fee-based Services

Overview of Fee-based Services

You can use only the following services even if you get your TSUBAME2.0 account.

  • Login to TSUBAME2.0
  • 25GB of home directory (/home)
  • 25GBの全学ストレージ領域 (/nest2)
  • Submit a batch job that can use 2 nodes for 10 minutes at maximum

You need to apply for fee-based services if you want to use the following TSUBAME2.5 services. To use fee-based services, you have to be a member of at least a TSUBAME group that is associated with certain funds.

  • Fee-based batch queue
  • Node reservation
  • TSUBAME group shared disk
  • Some ISV applications (starts from fiscal year 2011)
  • Printers installed in GSIC (starts from fiscal year 2011)



As with Kakin group in TSUBAME1.2, a TSUBAME group represents a group of researchers and TSUBAME2.5 users use fee-based services based on this group. Though any users can create TSUBAME groups on TSUBAME2.5Portal, you have to have funds to use fee-based services. You can assign any name whose length is less than 16 characters to a TSUBAME group if the name starts from "t2g". This group name is used for submitting jobs to fee-based batch queues and directory name and Unix group name for group shared disk service.

Based on your account type and TSUBAME group type, a user can be / can't be a member of a group. For example, a non-Tokyo Tech user can't be a member of a TSUBAME group which is composed of Tokyo Tech members only, because charging plan is different.

You can use fee-based services once you set a paying code linked with your fund to your TSUBAME group on TSUBAME2.5 Portal. There are four types of fee-based services, and you can assign paying codes and amounts to use to each service from TSUBAME2.5 Portal.

  • Fixed-amount batch queue: Enable this option and set amount of resources you want to use, if you want to use per-month fixed-amount batch queue service (e.g. V queue). It will start from Dec. 2010.
  • Pay-per-use batch queue: Enable this option and set amount of resources you want to use, if you want to use per-year pay-per-use batch queue service and node reservation service.
  • ISV Application: Enable this option and select ISV applications you want to use, if you want to use fee-based ISV applications. There is no fee-based ISV application at the point of Nov. 2010.
  • Group shared disk: Enable this option and set amount of disk space, if you want to use shared disk space among members of a TSUBAME group. 

Detail of how to create/manage a TSUBAME group is written in TSUBAME2.5 Portal Users Guide (currently Japanese only).

How to pay

To pay for fee-based services, you need to apply and obtain paying code, enable fee-based services and set amount of resoures you want to use from TSUBAME2.5 Portal. You can set different paying codes, that is different funds, to fee-based services.

Fixed-amount Batch Queue (from Dec. 2010)

Set amount of units per month. You can run 64 parallel processes at maximum with 1 unit.

Pay-per-use Batch Queue

Set amount of units as with TSUBAME1.2. Users in Tokyo Tech can use 600 hours (25 days) of a Thin Compute Node that belongs to S queue per unit. We named the unit of using a Thin Compute Node for one hour "TSUBAME Point". Users in Tokyo Tech can buy a unit (600 TSUBAME Points) for 5,000 Yen5,500 Yen6,000 Yen. The price is the same as the pay-per-use batch queue service in old TSUBAME1.2.TSUBAMEポイントは年度末で失効し、余っていたとしても翌年度への引き継ぎや課金の返却はできません。

The amount of TSUBAME Point in a unit and its price differ based on TSUBAME group type.


We charge for batch queue usage per queue types and qsub (t2sub) options using this TSUBAME Point. Cost for running a batch job is calculated by the following fomula.

Coefficients are defined as follows.


* Tesla S2070が接続されている L128F キューは L128と同等の金額、倍率で利用できます。

* ピークシフト運用や H キューの予約の隙間の資源を利用する X キューは S キューと同等の金額で利用できます。Xキューについてはこちらをご覧ください。

ISV Application

We are considering.

Group Shared Disk

TSUBAMEグループとともに、年度をまたいでの継続利用が可能です。研究グループで共有して利用する必要のあるデータについてはグループディスクに保存することで、メンバーの入れ替えが生じた場合でもデータの引き継ぎを容易に行えますのでご活用ください。従量オプションのTSUBAMEポイントで支払いを行います。2011年8月より正式に課金(TSUBAMEポイントの消費)が行われる予定です。 詳しくはグループディスク課金の仕組みについてをご覧ください。


Refer to TSUBAME2.5 Portal Users Guide (currently Japanese only), if you want to know about, apply for or setup paying code and payment for fee-based services.