ChemBio Installation


Tokyo Institute of Technology Site Subscription

Individual Download Instruction for Software

  1. Visit
  2. Account Verification
    Enter valid institution email address.
    • Only emails with valid domain(s) have access to site subscription
    • Please contact your PerkinElmer Informatics representative if additional domains are necessary
  3. Account Verification
    Click "Continue" on account verification screen.
  4. PerkinElmer Informatics User Account
    • Sign up for a new PerkinElmer Informatics User Account or login to an existing account.
    • If you have an existing CS User Account, email confirmations will be sent to the email@[institution domain] and not the address of the existing account
    • Account registration is required to access online databases
  5. Download Software
    • Download the software and manual after registration is complete
    • Access to included databases is automatic after registration is complete. To manage database subscriptions, login to your CS User Account and click "Manage Database Subscriptions
    • An email will be sent with instructions to access software and/or database
  6. Activate your software
    • When you start installing your PerkinElmer Informatics software, you will be asked to Activate. If you wish to activate at a later time, you can choose to "Activate Later". Detailed Activation Instructions
  7. PerkinElmer Informatics User Account
    • Users can manage their PerkinElmer Informatics User Account by logging in from http://www.cambridgesoft.com/login
    • All account related issues can be directed, informatics [dot] webmaster [at] perkinelmer [dot] com
  8. Product Phone/Email Support
    For technical questions and support, please have one of your technical contacts use any of the methods listed at,
    Support Contact Information